Improving the human-dog relationship.


We all know pet ownership can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why you’re here. So instead of trying to sell you on the importance of a properly trained dog let’s make sure our philosophies align.

I believe in balanced training. This approach allows me to work with all kinds of dogs; fearful, reactive, energetic and aggressive. I use different tools to help me communicate with your dog. During your dog’s time with us your dog will get plenty of treats and love, but we will also use an e-collar and prong collar.

Positive reinforcement is great but it's also okay to say "NO" to your dog.  Have you ever watched a child who was raised without rules, structure and leadership? Did you enjoy them & want to be around them? How ironic is it that we fear how our dog will behave if they are given those boundaries? Just as we wouldn't raise our human children by feeding them treats every time they do what is simply expected of them, we don't train our dogs this way; and if a dog does something dangerous or disobeys a command, correction is an acceptable mode of feedback. 

"Stay" isn't in my repertoire. Down means down until I tell you to do something else. That’s that.

Rescue dogs are just as capable of learning as a dog from a breeder, despite their history. Start calling your dog “my dog” not “my rescue dog”.

Dogs are smart but they don’t speak English. Use a single command, and don’t change the rules. If you say "come" but mean "sit", you need to understand if they get confused. We also can’t correct a command they aren’t taught first. Teach; then hold them accountable.

Step up. Your dog needs a leader to help them navigate our crazy human world; it's your job to be the boss.

Ready for a happy and calm life with your dog? Let’s get to work!


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